You have a B&B? This service is suitable for you!

This service is for you, who want to offer guests a simple, elegant, comfortable, warm second home to remember with pleasure.

Often you have too much work and you can not practice what you would like do to, have comfortable rooms with some nice details, or new layout that needs time to think about.

We can do it for You!

Send us a quote request telling us what you desire, you can also sand us a plant of your B&B or Hotel. We will send to you a quote with detailed services and their prices. If it is good for you we will start designing a new layout with interior design ideas suitable for your business.

You will receive new layouts for your spaces

 and many new ideas about furniture and finishes

At the end of the design service, you will pay us by credit card or bank transfert.

ask for your quote now sending us the form below

please remember to tell us how many sqm/sqft we have to design